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Gallery of over 950 photos available as Canvas prints, Framed Prints, Acrylic Prints and Greeting Cards.

Photographers represented in our database
(which includes less than a third of the photo collection), with number of cataloged images.
The following table shows holdings greater than 50 images listed in our database.
If you would like to see other views of a place or subject please call the archivist and we will try to find the image your looking for.
Total number of images, in our database is over 34,533 total by photographers in our collection as of July 1, 2015

R.M. Abdy Collection, 570
Arnold Collection, 220
Richard J. Arnold, 772
Chales Z. Bailey, 65
Besaw, George Alfred, 51
Bell Magazine Pub., postcards 120
Benoist Studio, 71
Lee Blaisdell, 90
Wm. F. Booth, Magic Lantern Slides, 900
Britton & Rey Co., postcards 85
Cardinell - Vincent Co., 76
Carroll B. Clark, 355
Donn I. Clickard, 315
Edgar A. Cohen, 2,149
E.A. Covel, 131
Henry J. Durgin, 137
Burton Frashers Photo, postcards 167
Dan Freeman, 302
Julian P. Graham, 171
Fred W. Harbick, 213
Lou G. Hare, 117
George G. Harlowe, 91
Pat M. Hathaway, 1,355
A.C. Heidrick, 585
Paul Loyola Henchey, 58
Houseworth, Thomas, 53
Leopold Hugo, 122
C.W.J. Johnson, 676
Lewis Josselyn, 1,715
Kaldor - Bates, 76
Robert Laws, postcards 80
Libhart & Wilson, 83
Lindburg Studio of L.A., 105
Horace Lyon, 64
M. Rieder Pub. L.A., postcards 269
Ted Mc Kay, 78
Mission Photo Carl Jones, 145
Edward H. Mitchell, postcards 506
Wm. L. Morgan, 865
Newman Postcard Co., 87
Joseph K. Oliver, 83
Pacific Novelty Co., postcards 233
Robert A. Parker, 51
A.C. Pillsbury Picture Co. 111
George Quintel, 69
Ed Ricketts Jr., 25
George A. Robinson, 344
Rey J. Ruppel, 148
George J. Seideneck, 1,095
Louis S. Slevin, 439
Clara Sheldon Smith, 25
George T.C. Smith, 32
Zan Stark, postcards 875
Louis John Stellman, 155
Stinson - postcards, 52
Fred Strong, 51
Ishah West Taber, 108
The Albertype Co., postcards 87
The PCK Series, postcards 66
Chester B. Toombs, 173
Hugh G. Trout, 51
Charles K. Tuttle, 687
Unknown, 9,755
Howard B. Van Deren, 147
Nicholas Vingrad, 265+
C. E. Watkins, 114
B.W. White, Publ., postcards 80
Donald Woodward, 255

Earlytop Photographic Copyist
Martin Behrman (1862-1945) AKA M.B. Collection
T.E. Hecht Treu Ergeben Hecht was born in Tahiti in 1875 and his his family moved to San Francisco in 1878 , of 430 35th Ave., San Francisco were died in 1937.
Alfred Ben Jacobs Druggist, 1601 Polk St., San Francisco.
Early Northern California and Southern California Photographers
and Monterey area photographers that made postcards
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