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From a cabinet card, Circa 1903
Back stamp from, Circa 1903
468 Eleventh Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
From a cabinet card, Circa 1890
from a cabinet card Circa 1890

E. K. Barker, Commercial Photographer

E. K. Barker and Chas J. Kuhnmuench in Monterey 1906 E. K. Barker standing in gateway, Monterey 1906
real photo postcard
Photo Accession CV # 2004-010-0001
From an 8x10 mounted print No.93-039-0002 Circa 1910
Back stamp from print
Circa 1910
425 Van Buren Street, Monterey, Calif.
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From the Monterey City Directories and the 1910 census and his obituary from the Monterey Cypress

Elbridge K. Barker, was 75 and was born in about 1835 in Vermont, the 1910 census 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
His parents were from New Hampshire
Born: November 1835 in Vermont        Died: November 24, 1915 in Monterey, California
Wife: Sarah C. Barker, she was 71 in the 1910 census native of Vermont
They had one son Harry N. Barker of Tonopah, Nevada
E. K. Barker, photographer, Res. 798 Van Buren Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Circa 1870- 1900
E. K. Barker, photographer Studio @ 468 Eleventh Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Circa 1870- 1900
A.F. Schultz, photographer Studio @ 468 Eleventh Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Circa-1900-1910
Barker came to Monterey in 1905 after retrying from Green & Butter a drug wholesaler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1905-06 Barker was not listed in the Monterey city directory
1907 E. K. Barker, Commercial Photographer, Res. 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
1911 E. K. Barker, Commercial Photographer, Res. 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
1911 Sara Barker, Housekeeper, wife of E. K.            Res. 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
1915, November 24          E. K. Barker died at 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
1916-17 E. K. Barker, Commercial Photographer,       Res. 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey
1922-23 I. Abott II, floor-man Monterey Garage,          Res. 425 Van Buren Street, Monterey

It is an interesting coincidence to note that he lived on Van Buren Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Van Buren Street, in Monterey, CA.
Barker was in his early 70's when he moved to Monterey as we first find him listed in the 1907 Monterey city directory.
He continued his work as a Commercial Photographer up into the mid teens.
Monterey had a number of other photographers at that time from R. J. Arnold, A. C. Heidrick, F. C. Swain, H. G. Webb,
A. B. Gunzendorfer, Dan Freeman, C. B. Toombs and J. K. Oliver and Zan Stark of Mill Valley.
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