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Anton C. Heidrick, Photographer, Monterey, California.

Note the airplanes in the two lower photos they are the same planes added to the
photos by A. C. Heidrick
A.C. Heidrick,  # 84-018-0018  Copyright©2018 California Views
U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet in Monterey Bay August 31, 1919
Photo Accession CV # 84-018-0018
"The Pacific Fleet at Monterey - Monterey Harbor is the only port in California that may be entered to safe anchorage in any weather"
Was written on the smokestack by A.C. Heidrick
View of Monterey Harbor. Showing Old Town Monterey, Fisherman's Wharf, and the fishing fleet (primarily lampara boats). Southern Pacific passenger depot to left and foreground. This photo was taken on August 31, 1919 by A. C. Heidrick from atop a water tower of Coast Valley Gas & Electric Co. and the Del Monte Bath house and pier during the visit of the U. S. Navy's Pacific Fleet.
U.  S. 11th Cavalry Camp field day A.C. Heidrick  79-10-0004 Copyright©2018 California Views
U.S. 11th Cavalry Camp field day, on 17 Mile Drive May 9, 1926
Photo Accession CV #79-110-0004
Heidrick & Heidrick
Photo & Art Studio

More Panoramic View's of Monterey
A.C. Heidrick on ladder and camera 79-108-0001 Copyright©2003 California Views
11th. U.S. Cavalry at Presidio of Monterey July 1, 1926
Photo Accession CV # 79-108-0001
Heidrick on ladder and his No. 10 Cirkut panoramic camera on a special 12 foot tripod.
The 11th Cavalry Regiment was posted at the Presidio of Monterey from 1919 to 1940 Soldier Field, Monterey

In 1916 Heidrick formed a partnership with a Austrian film maker named Thomas and called it the Monterey Moving Picture Company.
A.C. Heidrick & J.P. Graham photo 91-060-0065 Copyright©2003 California Views
California Laundry Assoc. at Hotel Del Monte June 9-11, 1927
Photo Accession CV # 91-060-0065 From the original 10x47 inch film negative
A.C. Heidrick & J.P. Graham photo 91-060-0065
A.C. Heidrick & J.P. Graham Photo
June 1927
Anton Charles Heidrick came to Monterey in 1907 in the Army and to the Presidio of Monterey as a musician with the First Cavalry from Fort Worth, Texas.
In 1910 he bought himself out of the Army and started his new Career as a photographer in Monterey.
Heidrick and Heidrick Art Studio in Monterey he was best known for his panoramic views taken with his No. 10 Cirkut panoramic camera.
Heidrick lost his home and studio that was at 109 Lighthouse Ave. New Monterey in the Sept. 14, 1924 oil tank fire.
Holdings: By Heidrick over 611 panoramic photos, real photo postcards, prints and negatives of the Monterey area and Fort Ord and the Presidio of Monterey.

Holdings: over 28,000 Photos of Monterey County listed in our database.
This is an on going collection we are always looking to add new images the this collection.
A large part of the collection were gifts from his daughter June Heidrick (Iris Dinnes) and his son Lawrence Heidrick.
For more information on A.C. Heidrick I recommend a book by his daughter Iris Dinnes Three Men who Made a Difference in Carmel Valley, Seaside and Monterey.
A.C. Heidrick Photo Gallery and photos by A.C.Pillsbury. Monterey area photographers that made postcards.

We also have photos of the Great White Fleet, Monterey Bay in May, 1908.
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