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T.E. Hecht
copy from an original photo by Edweard J. Muybridge from 1877
Photo Accession CV # 2001-133-0001

T.E. Hecht Photographer and Copyist

Treu Ergeben Hecht (1875-1937)
San Francisco Photographer

Charles Crocker Mansion, Crockers Spight fence around the home of Nicholas Yung and the Collis Huntington Mansion
Taken from Mark Hopkins' home California Street, on Nob Hill, San Francisco
First frame of an Eleven-part panorama of San Francisco.
By Edweard J. Muybridge (1830-1904) in January of 1877.

T.E. Hecht
430 35th Ave., San Francisco
1855 Copyright©Copyright©2019 CaViews
1855 Copyright©Copyright©2019 CaViews
Panoramic photograph of San Francisco in 1855 assembled from 4 8x10 Copy Glass plate neg's made by T.E. Hecht at a later date, view taken from from
Russian Hill looking over Telegraph Hill and San Francisco towards the Harbor and San Francisco Bay and just a few years after the great Gold rush of 1849.
Please click on photo to enlarge a small section showing the State Marine Hospital building on Stockton St. near Vallejo Street
Photo Accession CV # 91-007-0003
Treu Ergeben was born in 1875 in Tahiti and with his family Joseph A. and Christine Hecht (1849-??) who were born in Austria and emigrated from Tahiti in 1878 to San Francisco.
In 1890 Joseph A. Hecht (1844-190?) his father about 1844, He was listed at 514 1/2 Hayes St. working as an artist at Abell & Priest photo studio at 723 Market Street. He was also an art teacher, portrait artist. His daughter Edel Hecht (1872-1940) and was also an artist and another son Tamashine (1877-??) were born in Tahiti. Another daughter was Hermine Hecht (1887-1978) she was born in California and lived in Berkeley.
Treu. E. Hecht was also listed as living with his father and sister Edel at 514 1/2 Hayes street being a photographic printer in 1893 and by 1895 he was working as assistant operator for John H. Peters (1844-1896), Photographer at 914 Market St. in 1896 he was listed as a photo printer living at 1506 Sacramento St.
In 1898 he is working as a retoucher for Theodore C. Marceau (1859-1922) at 826 Market St. and by 1899 was listed as a photographer living at 420 35Th. Avenue.
In 1901 and 1902 he was listed as working for Raper James "R.J." Waters & Co. (1856-1937) at 110 Sutter St.
By 1906 at the age of 31 he was listed at 2321 California Street as a photographer.
Their home was destroyed by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Hecht Probably took photos of the aftermath of the earthquake and fire.
In 1909 he was listed living with his younger sister Herman Hecht a stenographer at 430 35Th. Ave.
In a 1913 City Directory he is listed with his wife Jennie in 1922 he is listed in partnership with Hoge in the Call Building at third and Market St.'s
Treu E. Hecht, and his wife Jennie were listed in 1931 as commercial photographers at 74 New Montgomery Room 647 and residence at 430 35Th. Ave.
He spent his adult life in San Francisco were died in 1937 at the age of 62.
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Alfred B. Jacobs (April 17, 1877-Aug. 12, 1931) was a druggiest by trade we have a collection of 8x10 glass copy negatives that he made of early San Francisco Views.
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