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leopold hugo, monterey cypress trees,  photo #96-025-0002
This view of Monterey Cypress trees on the rocky coastline, looking south over Carmel Bay on the 17 Mile Drive
in Pebble Beach.
Photo Accession CV # 96-025-0002
Photo by Leopold Hugo
6x8 Print
Circa 1918

leopold hugo signature
From the above print

post card back post card front  # 88-080-0248
Sea gules on beach, La Jolla, Calif.
Real photo postcard by Leopold Hugo
Photo Accession
CV # 88-080-0248

leopold hugo art rooms
From back of postcard
Leopold Hugo
Photographic Art Room La Jolla, Cal.
post card front  # 88-080-252
Sunset Point, La Jolla, Circa 1921
Photo Accession
CV # 88-080-252

post card front  # 88-080-252
Torrey Pine La Jolla 1911
Photo Accession
CV # 2015-032-0004

Leopold Hugo
California Pictorialist

post card front  # 2008-1843
Waves hitting rocks Pacific Grove
Pat Hathaway Photo
36˚ 37’ 22.89”N, 121˚ 54’ 43.87” W
More of the same spot

post card front  # 94-049-0013
Waves hitting rocks at the foot of 11th Street,
near Lovers Point, Pacific Grove on the Monterey Bay

Circa 1919
Photo Accession
CV # 94-049-0013

This print of Torrey Pine is typical of the soft-focus pictorial work that was in at the turn of the 20th century.

Leopold Hugo was born in Breslau, Germany on December 24, 1866. He arrived in New York City in 1891 from Austria
He married Miss. Emma Pauline Miller "1868-1959" in San Antonio, Texas on November 3ed of 1892.
He first opened a dry-goods store at 7902 Girard Avenue He was first listed in the San Diego city directory as "Hugo, Levi dry good store" in La Jolla in 1908 just North of San Diego.
It was not till 1911 that we find him listed as a photographer. He was in Pasadena at 376 E. Colorado St. for part of 1917
In 1917 he moved North to Santa Cruz on the Monterey Bay staying for only a year before moving to Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula on the other side on Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz.
Monterey Cypress trees on the rocky shores of the 17 Mile Drive, looking South over Carmel Bay
Staying in Pacific Grove only till September 15, 1919 when he sold his stock to another local photographer Dan Freeman also of Pacific Grove before; leaving for New York.
From 1921-1927 he was back in Santa Cruz with a photo shop at 10 Pacific Street.
After a trip to the East Coast in 1929, they stopped in La Jolla in August to see friends and the deiced to stay and opened a new studio on November 11th of 1929 he opened a photographic art room at 1025 Prospect Street, La Jolla with an exhibit of his marine views and landscapes. Pictorialism is an early twentieth-century movement that had as its goal the romantic expression.
He died in Belton, Texas while visiting his wife niece on September 7, 1933 at the age of 66 interment was at North Belton Cemetery.

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