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California Views is a major California photo collection of 19th- and 20th-century photographs of the central California coast, from Santa Barbara to North of San Francisco and Marin County.
The main focus is on Monterey County, Monterey Bay and its environs.
We are always looking for information on and images by photographers that worked in Monterey County.

Some of the California photographers represented in the photo collection:

This list has the photographers name, studio address, life dates and working dates, when known.
List of Monterey County Photographers by last name's A-C from 1870-1990, Long list, please be patient
List of Monterey County Photographers by last name's D-G from 1870-1990, Long list, please be patient
List of Monterey County Photographers by last name's H-M from 1870-1990, Long list, please be patient
List of Monterey County Photographers by last name's N-Z from 1870-1990, Long list, please be patient
Featured 19th century California photographers
Featured 20th century California photographers

Holdings: over 28,000 Photos of Monterey County listed in our database.
Please Click to see over 200 Searchable California Photo galleries with over 2,400 Photos
Prints are available from 11 x14 - 40x60 inches.
All images are also available for editorial downloads and one-time editorial use.
Please keep checking back as we will be adding more galleries
The California glass plate and Film negative collection
The Archives includes a wide variety of formats from 35 mm, 2"x2",3½"x5½", 4x5", 5x7", 5x8", 6½x8½", 8"x10" and 11x14" glass plate negatives, cut negatives and roll film negatives.
The bulk of the collection is 4"x5" or larger negatives we have both wet and dry glass plate negatives and film negatives.

The California photograph collection
We have original prints, Stereo Views, Albumen prints, Cabinet Cards, Carte-De-Visits, photo albums and two mammoth prints by C.E. Watkins.
Aerial photos of Pacific Grove taken on September 10, 1906 by George R. Lawrence

We have over 28,000 photos of Monterey County in the Monterey Photo Archives.
And over 81,955 historical California images in our Photo Archives.

The California Stereo View collection
Views of California Scenery

We have stereo views by Ed J. Bacon & Weight, W.A. Bell, F.A. Cook, A.W. Fell, Fell & Bartley, Bradley & Rulofson, Godfrey View Room, Hayward & Muzzall's, E.J. Hayward, Thomas Houseworth & Co., T.W. Ingersoll, C.W.J. Johnson, E.W. Kelley Publishers, Keystone View Co., Killburm Brothers, Eadweard Muybridge, J.J. Reilly, M. Sarver, B.L. Singley, George E. Stone, I.W. Taber, W.N. Tuttle, Underwood & Underwood, C.E. Watkins, H.C. White, R.E. Wood, C.W. Woodward, M.H. Zahnar, and others.
Holdings: over 200.

The California postcard collection
We have over 8,285 real photo postcards and hand colored Postcard in the collection. many by local photographer, not only do we have the postcards we also have many of the original glass and sheet film negatives that made them.
Some of the photographer are R.J. Arnold, A.C. Heidrick, (1876-1955) F.C. Swain, Carl Jones (1896-1994) of Mission Photo, B.E. White and E.K. Barker, all of Monterey, C.B. Clark ((1968-1951), Dan Freeman (1876-1962), C.K. Tuttle, Leopold Hugo, A.C. Warner and Murry E. White all of Pacific Grove, L.S. Slevin, Lewis Josselyn of Carmel, Butler photo, C.A. Harlan of King City, R.W. Horne, C.C. Coy, H.G. Trout, J.C. Vesser all of the Salinas Valley, Zan Stark (1889-1967) of Mill Valley, Ossian Hagman, James E. Meddaugh (1864-19??) of Wastsonville, Robt. A. Parker of Fresno.
Presidio of Monterey by Edward H. Mitchell(1867-1932), Arthur C. Pillsbury (1870-1946), R. J. Waters of San Francisco, Burton Frasher of Pomona, Robert Laws of San Jose, Allen J. Alsup of Paso Robles, Frank Aston of San Luis Obispo, Stinson, George A. Besaw (1880-1990) Photo Co., The Western Card Company of Reedley, Fresno Co., Charles Z. Bailey (1873-1954), California and many others.
Monterey Bay area photographers that made postcards.

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To obtain permission to use any photographs please contact Mr. Pat Hathaway.
Dedicated to the preservation of our photographic heritage
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