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Pacific Grove, 1936 - cv # 71-01-0263
Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove
Circa 1936
cv # 71-001-0263
Pacific Grove, 1930
Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove
Circa 1930
cv # 81-023-0001
Looking up Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, 1930
Looking up Forest Avenue P. G.
Circa 1930
cv # 80-039-0003
Hovden Cannery now Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hovden Cannery, Circa 1941
founded in 1916 by Knute Hovden
closed in 1973
now the Monterey Bay Aquarium
cv # 76-006-0002
Ocean View Avenue, looking east
Atlantic Coast Fisheries Co.
807 Ocean View av
Ocean View Avenue, looking east
Cannery Row, Circa 1947
Fred W. Harbick photo
cv # 73-006-0002
Cal Pak, Ocean View Avenue
California Packing Corp.
Del Monte Foods
Ocean View Avenue, Cannery Row
Circa 1940
Ed Ricketts worked at Cal Pak
cv # 77-042-0001
Ed Ricketts & Ritchie Lovejoy - 1939 CV 81-021-0070
Ed Ricketts & Ritchie Lovejoy
examining a bat ray specimen
April 1939
cv # 81-021-0070
Wing Chong Market Circa 1940 - CV # 81-021-0085
Wing Chong Market
Circa 1949
4x5 Neg.
cv # 81-021-0085
Photo-by-Ed-Ricketts Jr.
Ed Ricketts , photo by Ed, Jr. 1946
Taken with an
Zeiss-Ikon camera 6x9 cm film Neg.
cv # 81-021-0068
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