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The Golden Age of Aviation 1931
Roscoe Turner standing with his airplane, the Gilmore Lion
red and white Lockheed Air Express 3, July 1, 1930
Photo Accession CV # 79-078-0025
8x10 Negative by Lindburg photo of Inglewood, California

Art Smith daredevil aviator performing an illuminated night flight at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915.

The Golden Age of Aviation

National Air Races held at Mines Field in Los Angeles.
This Collection of 8x10 film negatives by Lindburg photo of Inglewood covers the years from 1928-1933.
Showing some of the top pilot's of that time including Charles Lindburg, Steve Wittman, Roscoe Turner and Gilmore Oil Company Lockheed racing plane, Col. Hap Arnold, Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, French Capt. Dieudonne Coste and Mauriel Bellonte, Amelia Earhart, Mildred Morgan, Gladys O'Donnell, Bobbi Evelyn Trout and others of the
Ninety-Nines and other women pilot's.
And planes like the Spit of St. Luis, Chief Oshkosh , Yankee Doodle a Lockheed Vega, City of Chicago, Big-Ben refueling plane, a Ryan B-1, Bumble Bee, a Sterarman C-3B and a Ford Tri-Motor to name only a few.
Also in the collection is views of the Graft Zeppelin and the Good Year Blimp Volunteer NC-8-A at Los Angeles Airport on August 26, 1929.

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We also have a collection of 5x7 glass negatives of Bud Mars. The first powered flight takes place in Hawaii, by James C. "Bud" Mars flies a Curtiss "Skylark" December 31, 1910.
We also have photos of Charles A. Lindbergh and Spirit of St. Louis.
Airships, Bilmps, dirigible and Lighter-than-Air aircraft.

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