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George Alfred Besaw of the Western Card Company
Reedley, California

Pebble Beach Lodge 17 Mile Drive
No. 4533
Mrs. Mable Basaw near Cypress Point, 17 Mile Drive
No. 4539
Mrs. Mable Basaw, Marvin near Ostrich Tree,
17 Mile Drive No. 4541
M.E. Church, Pacific Grove Lighthouse Ave.
No. 4582
The Monterey Hotel, Alvarado St. Monterey, Cal.
No. 4586
View looking North on Alvarado at Franklin St.'s
Monterey, Cal. No. 4589
George A. Besaw was born of French Canadian parents Oliver F. (1846-1923) & Melvina who settled in Deer Creek, Outagamie, Wisconsin.
George was one of eight children he was born on March 2, 1880.
Like many who were fascinated by early photography, he was self-taught and realized that history could be recorded through the eye of the camera.
He soon started his own photography business in Clintonville, Waupaca County and perfected a process of making realphoto picture postcards that was far superior to any other competitive process at that time.
George A. Besaw, Edwin B. Anderson were partners in the Western Card Company located in Reedley, California.
In May of 1911 he sold out to Edward H. Mitchell of San Francisco Mitchell continued to print from Besaw's negatives but put his name as publisher on the backs.
He died in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California on January 19, 1970.
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A good book on Real Photo Postcard Guide : The People's Photography by Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh Copyright©2006
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