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California Views located in historic Monterey, California, this unique California photo archive is one of the most comprehensive Historical Photo Collection of Central California.
California Views photo archive is constantly seeking to add historical photographs to it's archives.
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With over 81,955 California historical images in our archives we are the largest photo resource in Monterey County.

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Royal Presidio Chapel Monterey, California Original 5x8 Cabinet Photo circa 1880 By Frank Bequette Rodolph (1843-1923)
500 +/- film negative collecton of Early California Artist Rowena M. Abdy (1887-1945) Early California Artist
Abel Espinoza and family at Hotel Del Monte Nov. 14, 1899 Photo by C.W.J. Johnson
Over 100 images of San Francisco Chinatown by Louis John Stellman, Circa 1912
San Francisco Maritime History from the 1860's-1930's
Community of Hume Lake, Fresno County, California, Old logging town of the Hume-Bennett Lumber Company, Circa 1920
Wm.F. Booth, Magic Lantern Slides Collection
Four early Hayes Valley, San Francisco Views by Runnels & Stateler, Circa 1885
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Charles B. Waite, Photographer, No 268 Circa 1890
Monterey County map by S. W. Smith, Co. Surv. 1869
Album of 51 8x10 views of Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County., Circa 1925
Views on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad Route, Alaska 1898-1899 by photographer: H.C. Barley
Album of 4x5 print of Folsom Prison, California, Circa 1924
California postcards and negatives from the Artvue Post Card Co., 225 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Group of 56 Cyanotypes views of Pacific Grove, CA, Circa 1910
On going collection real photo postcards by Zan Stark of Mill Valley,
25 Views of Hearst Castle & William R. and his wife Millicent Hearst, July 23, 1923
Collection of 4x5 glass negatives of Pacific Grove, 1901-1900
Six 6.5x8.5 glass negatives by Howard Clinton Tibbitts (1863-1937) a view looking up Market Street. Circa 1906
Fourth of July 1947, Gypsy Tour motorcycle rally in Hollister, California, Four 8x10 Prints of bikers, police & California Highway Patrol
Two photo by C.E. Watkins of Carmel Mission near Monterey, Circa 1882
Two boxes of lantern slides by C.K. Tuttle of Pacific Grove, Circa 1901
Cabinet card photo of David Jacks of Monterey by I.W. Taber, Circa 1880
Cabinet card photo of Gen. Mariano Vallejo (1808-1890) photo by I.W. Taber, Circa 1880
Collection of lantern slides views of Monterey and Pacific Grove by C.K. Tuttle, Circa 1905
Collection of 8x10 glass copy negatives by "A.B. Jacobs (1877-1931) who lived at 1601 Polk St. S. F." views of the San Francisco Bay area.
5x8 Cabinet card photo of Claus Spreckels the so called Sugar King (1828-1908) by I.W. Taber
3x5 Real photo postcard of Jenny Lind, Circa 1866 (1820-1887)
President William McKinley leaving the Methodist church after addressing the GAR in Pacific Grove, CA May 11, 1901
Solons Early Sacramento California Baseball team, Pacific Coast League, Dingman Studio Photo, Circa 1910
Real photo postcard of Wm. Radclif at the Salinas Rodeo photo by Marcell, 1919
Real photo postcards of the Coalinga Oil Fields and Oil wells
6 5x7 Studio Portraits of men of company E from the 15th Infantry at the Presidio of Monterey, Circa 1905
8x10 copy print by T.E. Hecht (1875-1937) Copy of Muybridge's 1877 view of California St. with Crocker Mansion on Nob Hill
Two real photo postcard by Art-Ray of the Eureka whaling station
Real photo postcard of Aimee Semple McPherson, 1920s headliner evangelist
Grays Harbor Commercial Co., Cosmopolis Lumber Mill, Grays Harbor, Washington, State, Circa 1890
25 4x12 panoramic negatives of Monterey, Panama Pacific International Exposition or PPIE, California, Circa 1915 by Charles Z. Bailey of L. A.
6 watkins New Boudoir Series Yo Semite and Pacific Coast views of the Monterey area # B163, B 164,B 168,B 174,B 3851,B 3873
Panoramic print 8x45 of the U.S.S. Constitution in Monterey Bay on December 1, 1933, photo by A.C. Heidrick of Monterey
8x10 photo of early California Camera Club, 10 Photographers with view cameras and foldings cameras and one young girl with a box camera
The Old Mission of San Juan - Monterey County by Thomas Houseworth & Co. # 36, Circa 1865
Pearl and Tyler streets Union Saloon, Monterey copy by Dressler of a C.W.J. Johnson image, Circa 1880
Collection of 29 photos by A.C. Heidrick of the 11th Cavalry at the Presidio of Monterey, Circa 1923
Monterey Bay Academy a school owned by the Central California Conference of Seventh Day Adventists opened in 1948, real photo postcard
Fort Ord Hospital, Fort Ord Army Post, Monterey, Circa 1943, real photo postcard
International car race at Corona California on November 24, 1914
Old Navy taken on board the USS Mohican in 1888 by Assistant Surgeon H.W. Whitaker, U.S.N..
Jess Stahl, famous Black cowboy, at Salinas Rodeo , photo by H. Trout, Circa 1912.
Casa Verde, where Charles Warren Stoddard wrote "1905-08". Was at time of the photo being used by photographer Sibyl Anikeyev as a studio, 303 Decator St., Monterey, Calif. Frasher photo, Circa 1939
Panoramic San Francisco, view looking east towards harbor, 1855 - four 8x10 copy glass negs., by T.E. Hecht of 430 35th Avenue, San Francisco.
Cabinet card photo of Thomas O. Larkin of Monterey & San Francisco, copy by I.W. Taber, Circa 1855
Real photo postcard of the Southern Pacific Depot, Third & Townsend St's., San Francisco by Zan Stark # 1064
Portuguese shore whaling station at Pigeon Point, Circa 1887
Studio Portraits of Lucy Neely McLane, author of A Piney Paradise, Circa 1957
12 6.5 x 8.5 Glass Negatives, Interiors and exteriors of the Manteca Canning Company, San Joaquin County, Circa 1920
At Sutters Mill, Miners sluicing and panning for Gold - 1850 Coloma, Calif., copy by Martin Berman, Circa 1910

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