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Wm. F. Booth, Magic Lantern Slides Collection, California

Ruins of 14 Sansome St., San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake
No. 1398
Photo Accession CV # 2011-033-1398
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In seven box's
Photo Accession CV # 2011-033-0001/1500

U.C. Berkeley
Humboldt County
Bohemian Grove, Sonoma County
Shasta County
San Francisco Bay Area
Tall Sailing Ship out of San Francisco Circa 1900
San Francisco Chinatown
Logging in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Marin County
Mt. Tamalpais
Monterey Adobes & Pebble Beach
New Orleans, Louisiana
Northern California
Grand Canyon & The South West
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite Valley
Paris, France
and other locations
Some of the Photographers held in this collection

Henry King Nourse, (1880-1963)
Abe Blumberg, Alameda, California (1906).
H.B. Phillips
Joseph LeConte 1823-1901
F. E. "Florencio" Monteverde
Walter F. Vance
And others

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William F. Booth Esq., He was born in Louisiana on September 6, 1857. He was a San Francisco patent attorney.
And was a Graduate of Yale University class of 1878.
Wm. F. Booth was married to the daughter of Dr. Edward Gibbons a Miss. Emily Gibbons in 1881.
His office was at 14 Sansome St., rooms 46-47-48, San Francisco, after the earthquake he was in the Foxcroft Bldg.
at 68 Post Street San Francisco, through the 1920's -1940's.
He was in partnership with his son Wm. J. Booth Jr. as Booth & Booth patent attorneys.
He lived with his wife Emily at 2302 Dana Street, Berkeley. And died on Feb. 15 of 1943 and is buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland.

Amateur Feline fotografer
1899 Henry King Nourse, Photographer (1880-1963)
of Alameda, Calif.
William F. Booth Collection No. 543
Photo Accession CV # 2011-033-0543

Magic Lantern Slide Projector which is an early type of slide projector
Circa 1920
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