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Casa Castro, Historic Monterey Mesa

Casa Castro Monterey, #84-002-0001 Copyright© 1996 California Views
Photo Accession CV # 84-002-0001
Original print 5x8"
By Charles C. Pierce # 326, a Los Angeles photographer
Circa 1880

Monterey 19th Century Historic photo collection.
Monterey 20th Century Historic photo collection.
The Casa Castro was built in the early nineteenth century. And is one of the oldest homes in Monterey. Built on the Monterey Mesa over looking Lake Estero and the San Carlos Church.
Gouverneur Morris and his wife purchased the property in the early 1920s. In 1936, the property came into the ownership of Thomas Albert Work, Sr. The Work name has been associated with La Mirada for fifty years. It is now the site of La Mirada of the Monterey Museum of Art's.

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