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Sold out
The Monterey Mesa

Oldest Neighborhood in California

Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Editor

$ 25.00 Late in 2007
With over 25 historical photos from the California Views Photo Collection,
over 100 photos in all.

Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Ph.D.
Professor of Latin American

Table of Contents
1. The Landscape of Early Monterey
2. Spanish-Era Settlement of the Mesa, 1795-1822
3. Artist on the Mesa 1826-1960
4. Vision of Early Spanish Town in Materializing Monterey
5. Reviving the Mesa in the 1920: J. C. Anthony's
Sense of Place and the Rise of California Vernacular Architecture
6. The Legend of the Sherman Rose
7. Why I Live in Monterey
8. Boronda Family Reminiscences
9. Growing Up on the Mesa, 1945-1962
10. The Bruton Sisters Home-Studio
Thomas A. Brown
Edna E. Kimbro
Steve Hauk
Shelden Davis, 1923
Julianne Burton-Carvajal

Frances Grate
Gouverneur Morris, 1924
Tulita Bennett Westfall, 1939
Christine Chambers
Elida Austin Macy



Formerly Noticias del Puerto de Monterey
Published since 1957

Quarterly Historical Journal of the Monterey History and Art Association
5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 624-9925

Editor since 2003: Dr. Julianne Burton-Carvajal

                   * indicates images used are from the California Views Photo Archives, The Pat Hathaway Photo Collection

    LI:4 Journal of the Vizcaino Expedition to to San Diego and Monterey, 1602-1603 (Winter 2002, 35 pages, $3) Sold out

    LII:1 Dance and Diplomacy at Nootka Sound and Monterey, 1792-1793 Sold out
          (by Jim Mockford, Spring 2003, 21 pages, $5)

*LII:2 Conversations Across Cultures. Recollections of the Isaac Graham Affair of 1840: James Meadows (father of Isabel Meadows)
          Interviewed by Thomas Savage for Hubert Howe Bancroft
. (Summer 2003, 32 pages, $5)

*LII:3 Back to the Drawing Board with Artist Jo Mora: Illustrated Chronologies of His Life, Works, Exhibitions.
          (by Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Fall 2003, 64 pages, $10)
          Also available in 8½ x11 glossy version (61 pages, $17.95

     LII:4 Sebastian Vizcaino and His Descendants: 1548 to the Present
         (by W. Michael Mathis, Winter 2003, 31 pages, $5)

    LIII:1 Dancing on the Belly of the Shark and Other Adventures on Monterey Bay
         (by Tim Thomas, spring 2004, 32 pages, $5)

*LIII:2 Pride of Place: Tales of Two Adobes (about the Borondas and the Buelnas, founding families of Spanish-era Monterey, their homes and descendants)
          (by Julianne Burton-Carvajal, summer 2004, 84 pages, $12)

*LIII:3 Landscaping the Gilded Age: Rudolph Ulrich and Monterey's Hotel Del Monte, 1880-1890
          (by Julie Cain, Fall 2004, 64 pages, $10)

*LIV:1 The Manila Galleon Trade: Traces and Treasures, 1565-1815
          (by Edward Van der Porten et. al., Winter 2005, 60 pages, $10)

*LIV:2 Trimmer Hill: Biography of a Landmark Home in Pacific Grove
          (by Carol Hastings Mazur, Spring 2005, 56 pages, $10)

* LIV:3 Our Monterey, 1920-1940: Artist August Gay and Friends
          (by Julianne Burton-Carvajal and David Kelso, Summer 2005, 56 pp, $10)

*LIV:4 The Making of a Preservationist from A to Z:
          The Carmel Mission Orchard House, Aunt Zuckie, Amelie, and Me
          (by Edna Kimbro, Fall 2005, 44 pages, $6)

* LIV: 1 Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library and Women of the West
          Featuring memoirs, letters and interviews by/with the Reverend James McGowan, Dr. Julia Moss McGowan, and artist Kate Carew
          (by Catherine Gordon et. al., Winter 2006, 68 pages, $10)

*LV:2-3 Into the Deep: Wreck and Rediscovery of American Last Airship (On the Navy dirigible USS Macon, its 1935 crash off the Big Sur coast,
          and scientific location of the debris fields 65 years later)
          (by Bruce Terrell and Chris Grech, spring-summer 2006, 44 pages, $10.00)
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