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Nicks on the Bay
43 Fisherman's Wharf.
Delicious specialty crepes, flavorful burgers
and Mini donuts.
And a large collection of photos from the
Pat Hathaway Collection on the walls.
January 2019
Western Flyer Exhibit 2015

Port Townsend Shipwright CO-OP
Port Townsend
Washington State

Ed Ricketts in lab Nov. 1937
CV # 1981-021-0078
Photo by Bryant Fitch

Ed Ricketts near Point Wilson Lighthouse
Washington State
CV# 2006-024-0001
Photo by Jack Calvin July 1930
Ed Display @CO-OP
Ed Ricketts Exhibit
pioneering marine biologist

Sitka Sound Science Center
Sitka, Alaska

Grampus and Crew, Sitka, Alaska
August 1932
Edward Ricketts
Jack Calvin
Sasha Kashevaroff Calvin
Joseph Campbell
Xenia Kashevaroff
The Beach House Restaurant at Lovers Point
20x30", 24x36" and 30x40's prints
of Lovers Point, Pacific Grove
July 2013
Pacific-Grove Beach House
Lovers Point 30x40" prints
Anchorman 2:
The Legend Continues -
"I Tried To Kill Myself?"
is a 2013
Paramount Pictures Corporation

Shamu at Sea World
Photos on the wall by Pat Hathaway
Shamu San Diego If you would like a copy of this photo please contact Mr. Pat Hathaway
Shamu 1967
Rocky Point Restaurant

On Highway One South of Carmel
On the Big Sur Coast
Historical photos of Notley's Landing and the
Bixby Creek Bridge
and the Big Sur coast from the 1880's.
March 2013

Bixby Creek Bridge
during construction
30x40 Sepia Print
Photo by Lewis Josselyn
5x7 film negative
May 1932
Pacific Grove Convalescent Hospital
200 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93990
Over 40 prints of Pacific Grove from
11x14', 12x18", 16x20" and 12x36" prints in the halls and public space
February 2013
12x18" prints Pacific Grove
12x18" prints Pacific Grove
The history of Ed Ricketts and Jack Calvin
was presented by Sitkans John Straley and Mary Purvis Jack Calvin's grand daughter at the
Alaska Historical Society annual Conference in Sitka, Alaska
October, 16, 2012
Edward F. Ricketts 97-116-0001, California Views Monterey (831) 373-3811
Ed Ricketts
CV# 1997-116-0001
Photo by Bryant Fitch
October 1939
2 of the 3 24x36" Photos
By E. A. Cohen of the Pavilion and
Tavern of Mount Tamalpais,
May 1902.
In the Gravity Car Barn
Mount Tamalpais,
Marin County
Gravity Car Barn
Carmel Hills Care Center
23795 Holman Highway, Monterey, CA
20x30" of the Pacific Grove Train Station
photo on canvas gallery wraps
Halls and Public Space
Pacific Grove Railroad Depot
CV# 81-043-0002
Carmel-Hills Care Center
20x30" canvas gallery wraps
Erik's Deli Cafe in the Barnyard -
1 30x40" of Carmel Mission circa 1884
By C.W.J. Johnson 5x8 Glass Negative
and 3 20x30" inch photos on canvas gallery wraps
Opened on June 25, 2012
Erik's Deli Cafe Care
30x40" photo on canvas gallery wraps
48x96" Sepia Prints
C.W.J. Johnson Photo
5x8" Glass Neg.
CV# 72-017-0086
A Tribute to the Monterey Bay Fishermen
The Museum of Monterey will host an exhibit of historical photographs from the Pat Hathaway Photo Collection
that tell the story of the Purse Seiners and Monterey's Fishing Industry.
15 prints from 8x10" to 40x60" inches.

Opening Reception Saturday, 15, October 12-4 P.M. - Through January 2012 at Museum of Monterey
5 Custom House Plaza Monterey
20x30" Prints
of Monterey Harbor
40x60" inch print
Mountain View Gallery MOM 2011
Serra's California Missions from our photo collection
at the MANRESA GALLERY is located inside of
St. Ignatius Church
San Francisco
presents from Kino to Serra:
Jesuit & Franciscan Missions:
April 10 - June 26, 2011

Carmel Mission
Carmel Mission Circa 1880
CV# 81-006-0002
Photo by C. E. Watkins, circa 1880
from an original print
A Tribute to the Monterey Bay Fishermen,
Pacific Grove Art Center,
Over 35 prints from 8x10" to 40x60" inches.
February 25 - April 7, 2011
Photo Gallery,
PG Art Center 2011
The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
celebrated 75 Anniversary display
Over 30 11x14" Sepia prints
October 2009
Over 30 11x14" Sepia prints
Austino's Patisserie
851 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA
2 40x60" and 1 30x40" Sepia prints
40x60 Sepia
40x60" Sepia print
Pat will talk about collecting and preserving historical photos at the Maritime Museum in the Stanton Center.
The Monterey Maritime and History Museum. December 16, 2007.
Cannery Row Model Display
By Bill Johnk
At the
Oakland Museum of California,
Supporting photos
of Cannery Row and Ed Ricketts in the History Gallery.
Hovden Model
Hovden Model by Bill Johnk

Hovden Cannery Photo 1941

CloseUp Armin Hanson, Coburn Gallery
Monterey Museum of Art
559 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA
April 14, - December 1, 2007
Armin Hanson
11x14" prints
Two 40x60" Prints
of fishing scenes of Monterey Bay in the 1940's
Portola Plaza Hotel
Monterey, CA
Monterey Fishing
Two 40x60" prints
Wm. L. Morgan Photos
CV# 74-009-0010
CV# 74-008-0002
The Carmel Mission in Art, 1879-2007
Carmel Mission Basilica
3080 Rio Road
Carmel, CA 93923
The Mora Galley, Carmel Mission
55 12x18" historical photos from the
California Views Photo Collection.
March - October, 2007
Photo show at Carmel Mission
55 12x18" prints
Images of Monterey
Entry Gallery
Monterey Museum of Art
Photos by C.W.J. Johnson, R.J. Arnold
J. K. Oliver and C.E. Watkins
11x14" - 16x20" prints
559 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA
January 18 - April 29, 2007
Monterey Artist
Charles Dickman at work in his Monterey studio, Circa 1907

CV # 71-005-0002
Artists at Continent's End
The Monterey Art Colony, 1875-1907
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA February 17 - May 21, 2006
Arc of the Adobes: Santa Cruz to Monterey
Lezin Gallery, Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
The exhibition is co-curated by Kathleen Moodie, Exhibitions Director and Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Professor of Literature in the Latin American Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz and curator of Tales of Two Adobes

September 10 - November 12, 2004
18x24" of Monterey
California Photography: The Monterey Legacy
Two historical photos of the Monterey area
By C.E. Watkins
from an original print
Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA
Monterey, Circa 1880
Photo By C. E. Wakins
from an original print
CV# 93-069-0002
Collateral Damage:
The S.F. Earthquake in Monterey, Santa Cruz,
and San Benito Counties
The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History (PGMNH)
Commemorates the 100Th. anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake with a free exhibit of historical photographs chronicling the damage suffered on the Central Coast.
March 1 - May 31, 2006

from an original 4x5 glass neg.
CV# 85-012-0020
Hotel Del Monte, Monterey
The centennial of the great earthquake that struck the California Central Coast on April 18, 1906.
This exhibition brings together over 50 photographs pulled from the
California Views photo collection.
Prints from glass negatives and original prints.
March 1 - May 31, 2006

12x36" Panoramic view of
San Francisco
Burning view from Twin Peaks

By H. S. Hopper
CV # 89-033-0048
C.K. Tuttle exhibit Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
June 2005
Pacific Biological Laboratories, 800 Cannery Row
11x14" & 12x18"
City of Monterey Display for John Steinbeck's birthday February 2005

From the studio of Jo Mora

Monterey History and Art Association
Maritime Museum
5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA
November 14, 2003 - February 29, 2004
Jo Mora Studio
Lewis Josselyn
from a 5x7" film negative
40x60" of Jo Mora studio
Tales of two Adobes
Monterey History and Art Association
Maritime Museum
(5 Custom House Plaza)
Monterey, CA
September 17 - October 31, 2004
Tales of two Adobes AA
Circa 1905, CV# 82-050-0001
12x36" print of Monterey
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cannery Row, Monterey
Over 20 historical photos, of Cannery Row,
the Monterey fishing industry
and Ed Ricketts.

Prints from 8x10" to 56x71"
In the new entrance of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
May, 2004
Images also used in a video.
Two 56x71" Historical prints
Carmel office of
First American Title Company,
15 24x36" Historical prints of the Carmel area
24x36" prints of Carmel
Geography of Memory:
Selected Works by Hung Liu
Historical photos of the Chinese of the Monterey area.
Monterey Museum of Art
October 4 - December 31, 2003
16x20" print of Chinatown
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Photo in a display on the Farallone Lighthouse
first order Fresnel
lens at the new Visitor Center in the
Haslett Warehouse.
San Francisco, CA
Visitor Center, 2003
CV# 98-038-0001
Photo by C.E. Watkins
from an original print
John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts: A Friendship Remembered
Monterey Bay Aquarium
January 2002
Office of Community Bank of Central California
Views of Alvarado Street from 1907-1940
439 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA
3 40x60" prints of Monterey
bank3 Community Bank
Three historical
Alvarado Street
Doghole Ports, Point Lobos, California State Park
March 2002
First American Title Co., Monterey office, 5 prints 20x30", 2002
Disney's California Adventure
Cannery Row photo display
Pacific Wharf
Pacific Wharf photo
Disney's California Adventure
Bonfante Gardens / King Design International, 3 40x60" photos 2001
Aquarium of The Americas, New Orleans, LA, Photo of Ed Ricketts June 2000
Long Beach Aquarium, 310 Golden Shores, Long Beach, CA 1999 Photo of Ed Ricketts
Cannery Row Interpretive Signs
Cannery Row
Ace Design
City of Monterey, CA
John Steinbeck photo
John Steinbeck, Cannery Row
Interpretive Signs
San Carlos Beach Park
Cannery Row
Ace Design
City of Monterey, CA
Aerial photos by Ted McKay, 1938
from an original 5x7 film neg.
San Carlos Beach photo
San Carlos Beach
Cannery Row
National Steinbeck Center
One Main Street
Salinas, California
of Salinas, Cannery Row, Pacific Grove, Monterey
and of
Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck
Over 27 historical images from 4x4" to 60x90"
60 x 90 photo
Cannery Row display
Cannery Row Photo Display
in the American Tin Cannery Building
25 prints from 20x30" to 48x96
125 Ocean View Ave.
Pacific Grove
April 1996
Photos by C.W.J. Johnson 1880
Ted McKay 1938
Fred Harbick 1948
40x60 photo
40x60" prints of Cannery Row
Pacific Grove Museum, Ed Ricketts
Ed Ricketts Photo Display
April 1995
Monterey City Library, Steinbeck and Cannery Row
Steinbeck photo display, February 1995
Steinbeck Center, Salinas
John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts photo display August, 1994
Interpretive Signs
Lone Cypress Tree & Sea Otters, Pebble Beach Company
Ace Design 1994
Sea Otter photo near Bixby Creek.
photo by Wm. L. Morgan
Sea Otter photo
Raft of Sea Otters, off Bixby Creek
Lone Cypress
Lone Cypress from a postcard
Monterey County Parks Dept., April 1993
Monterey Marriott Hotel
12 30x40" historical prints of early Monterey, Pebble Beach
Cannery Row and Ed Ricketts by his son Ed Ricketts Jr.
3x4 negative.
350 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA
30x40 photos Hotel
30x40" prints
Whaler's Cabin, Point Lobos, California State Park, 1991
Whale of a Fest
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cannery Row
Photo by L.S. Slevin
January 1988
11x14" prints and a life size cutout
Moss Landing
Whaling Station
Mexico's Secret Sea, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, November 1988
Presidio of Monterey Museum
USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"
photo by Lewis Josselyn
Oct. 1, 1933 CV # 71-001-0084

The unveiling and dedication of the John Drake Sloat Monument
A.C. Heidrick photo June 14, 1910 CV # 80-006-0001

Looking up Artillery Street Gate
Circa 1940
CV# 83-002-0002
Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum
King City, CA
30x40" prints
Monterey County Historical Society, Salinas, 1986
Erickson & Elins Fine Art, San Francisco, California, 1985

National Bank of Carmel

Dolores Avenue
Carmel, CA
Print from 11x14" up to 48x96"
Carmel Mission 1884
Two 48x96" Sepia prints
Photos by C.W.J. Johnson circa 1880
Sampans, Junks and Chinese Fishermen
in the Golden State
San Francisco Maritime National Museum
San Francisco, CA
June 15 - September 15, 1979
Circa 1890
CV# 87-088-0002
Outdoor shrine,
Chinese Historical Society of America
17 Adler Place, San Francisco, CA 1979
Seaside City Hall, Display of Historical Photographs
of the Monterey Peninsula August-October, 1978
Allen Knight Maritime Museum, 550 Calle Principal Street, Monterey, CA September 1977

S. H. Keane Gallery
Dolores Avenue
Carmel, CA
April- May, 1976
40x40 Carmel photo
Susan Keane and Pat Hathaway
In front of a 40x60" print of
Ocean Avenue, Carmel
Ocean Avenue Circa 1923
Photo by Lewis Josselyn
5x7 Film Neg.
Presidential visits to Monterey, photo display at the Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library,
Monterey History & Art, 1976
Pacific Grove Art Center, Ed Ricketts
8x10" -16x20" Ricketts photo display
September 1975
Pacific Grove Art Center
Photographs of the Monterey Peninsula from the
California Views photo collection
Main Gallery
March 10 - April 6, 1973
8x19 - 24x36 photos
Pat in Main Gallery PGAC 8x10" -24x36" prints 1973
Exhibit of rare old photographs of the Carmel Area
Carmel Pine Cone Office, September 1971 Photos by Lewis Josselyn

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