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Early California Artist at California Views Archives

Burgdorff Artist Ferdinand Burgdorff
at the easel
Carmel, California
Lewis Josselyn Photo
5x7 Film Neg.
Photo Accession CV # 70-007-0023
We have photos of Sketch Club in the sand dunes near the Point Pinos Lighthouse,
Pacific Grove in 1888.
And the Hotel Del Monte click Art Gallery that opened in 1907 it was the first gallery on the Monterey Peninsula.
We have a number of photos of early California Artist:

Rowena Meeks Abdy (1887-1945)
William Constable Adam, American artists (1846-1931)
Laura Adams Armer (1874-1963)
Josephine Blanch (1864-1951)
Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986)
Lester Boronda (1886-1953)
Ferdinand Burgdorff (1881-1975)
Jennie Vennerstrom Cannon (1869-1949)
William H. Creed (1880-1934)
John Cunningham (1904-2004)
Charles J. Dickman (1863-1943)
Barclay Ferguson (1924-1991)
W. K. Fisher (1878-1957)
E. Charlton Fortune (1885-1969)
Frances Hanique ( 1862-1930)
Armin Carl Hansen: (1886-1957)
Grace Carpenter Hudson (1865-1937)
William Keith (1838-1911)
Joseph Kurtz Oliver (1863-1943)
Xavier Martinez, Artist (1869-1943)
Henry Miller (1891-1990)
Frank M. Moore (1877-1967)
Joseph Jacinto "Jo" Mora (1876-1947)
John OShea (1876-1956)
William Ritschel (1864-1945)
Harry Dick Ross (1899-1989)
Catherine Comstock Seideneck (1885-1967)
George Joseph Seideneck (1885-1972)
Vaughn Shoemaker, cartoonist (1902-1991)
Jules Tavernier (1844-1889)
Tulita (Gertrude) Bennett Davis Westfall (1889 1962)

May we recommend for more information
Artists at continent's end: the Monterey Peninsula art colony, 1875-1907
By Scott A. Shields, Ph.D,
Crocker Art Museum

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