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Carmel Mission views from California Views Archives Copyrigh&copy2015 (831) 373-3811
Carmel Mission
C.W.J. Johnson
Circa 1884
CV # 72-017-0086
Custom House views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019 (831) 373-3811
Custom House
Circa 1880
C.W.J. Johnson photo
CV # 95-034-0001
The Lone Cypress views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019 (831) 373-3811
The Lone Cypress
Midway Point
Pebble Beach
Lewis Josselyn
Circa 1916
CV # 71-001-lc-1
views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019  (831) 373-3811
Italians making homemade wine
in Monterey
Circa 1920
CV # 74-020-0082
Cliff House views from California Views archives Copyright©2019(831) 373-3811
Sutro Bath
Near the
Cliff House
San Francisco
Circa 1899
CV # 2003-044-0003
Edward F. Ricketts views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019 (831) 373-3811
Edward F. Ricketts
Fred Strong photo
Circa 1935
CV # 95-033-0001
John Steinbeck  views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019 (831) 373-3811
John Steinbeck
Pebble Beach
Circa 1963
CV # 88-084-0001
views from California Views archives Copyright©Copyright©2019 (831) 373-3811
San Francisco

Pat Hathaway Photo
Canon 19mm FL lens

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History in the making Rocky Creek landslide and road closers on Highway One along the Big Sur Coast.
Scope of the California photographic collection: From the 1850's to today.
      California Views was established November 29, 1970 and is located in Historic Monterey, on the California Central Coast, this unique photo archive is the most comprehensive Historical Photo Collection of the Monterey Bay area.
Many of the images we have are one of a kind rare and unique images that we have the original glass or film negatives that will insure the best quality in almost any size print from 11x14" - 48x96".
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# 79-083-0004 California Views Photo Archives 5x8 Glass
Photo by Frank B. Rodolph
Photographers on the beach on the California Coast
"the Merry Tramps."
5x8 glass plate negative
Frank Bequette Rodolph (1843-1923)
Circa 1887
Photo accession
CV # 79-083-0004
# 78-010-0001 California Views Photo Archives 8x10 Glass C.W.J. Johnson (1833-1903)
taken standing by his photo parlor
at the Hotel Del Monte,
Monterey, California
8x10" glass plate negative
Circa 1887
Photo accession
CV # 78-010-0001

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