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Monterey Sardines from sea to the can

California Pilchard Sardinops sagax caerulea

Monterey history photo collection
Two purse-seiners the City of Monterey and the
California Rose
sharing a very large catch of sardines from
Monterey Bay
CV # 77-0098
Monterey history photo collection
brailing net into the hole of a
hold a capacity of over 80 tons
CV# 81-021-0018
Monterey history photo collection
Into the Sardine hopper that were
anchored off Cannery Row.
They were introduced in 1926
CV # 2008-050-0001
Monterey history photo collection
with a deck load of Sardines
CV # 80-057-0001
Monterey history photo collection
Into the Cannery
Fish & Game visual inspection of sardines
CV # 80-045-0005
Monterey history photo collection
Putting the Sardines into the
one pound oval cans
Cannery Row
CV # 81-021-0031

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