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Movies Filmed in Monterey County, California

Monterey County Pictorial Collection
Movie Camp
In Moving Picture Camp near Monterey, Cal.
Castle Rock as a backdrop
A.C. Heidrick Photo
CV # 80-058-0006
Circa 1912
Man with movie camera
CV # 98-005-0007
Camera tower
Fox Brothers
Point Lobos
CV # 75-078-0001
Circa 1929
Men on Call
Fox Film Corporation
Cypress Point, Pebble Beach
Circa 1930
CV # 71-002-0007
Ronald Reagan Sergeant Murphy
Robert Fergussion, Technical advisor
Presidio of Monterey
Circa 1938
CV # 81-038-0001
Marilyn Monroe & Paul Douglas
Clash by Night.
Cannery Row & Monterey
RKO Radio Pictures
Circa 1952
CV # 93-080-0001
Hollywood has used the Monterey Peninsula as a setting for all most 200 films from 1897 to today.
Northern California
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